Rentifo – контроль апартаментов в реальном времени. Кабинет доступен на всех устройствах. Демонстрационная версия доступна как на компьютере, так и на мобильном телефоне или планшете.

ул. Ш. Химшиашвили, 7Д
6010 Грузия, Батуми
+995 555 603 333
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Increase your revenue potential through enhanced property utilization

Reduce operational risks with data available at your fingertips.

Streamline your operations and optimize internal processes.

Attract more customers with lower electricity bills.

Unlock the full
potential of your properties with Rentifo

Explore how our AI-powered solution can simplify and enhance your property management. Try the demo version now and get a firsthand look at the power of advanced analytics.


We are Rentifo, a residential property technology company

that is bringing smart and innovative solutions to the real estate industry.

Our story begins in early 2022

Our founders recognized the challenges faced by real estate owners and managers in operating their portfolios. To address the lack of transparency and trust in the market, they developed a tool for smarter property management. Our team of experienced professionals in technology, real estate, and sales work together to serve the Baltic and CEE markets, as well as Georgia. We aim to help private owners and real estate companies keep up with the industry's fast-growing demands.

We are here to provide the market with transparency and bridge the gap between real estate market participants.

We strive to create a respected property technology company by enhancing trust in the real estate market.

  • $ 20 Monthly
    • Light
    • Just try
      • Installation: $49
      • Calendar
      • Monthly PDF reports
      • Analytics dashboard 
      • Support
  • $ 12 monthly
    • Full
    • Yearly
      • Installation: $39
      • Booking Calendar
      • Monthly PDF report
      • Analytics dashboard 
      • Support
  • $ 15 monthly
    • Season
    • 6 months
      • Installation: $39
      • Calendar
      • Monthly PDF reports
      • Analytics dashboard 
      • Support

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